28 Mar 2015

Cocktail Collaboration…?? Yes please!

Love being asked to collaborate on a project where everyone involved is both talented and super sweet. When stylist Dani Colombatto and photographer Arielle Vey asked me to style flowers for a product shoot for their new venture The Gold Wire Blog I immediately said yes.  Recently brought Dani on for a wedding photo shoot I styled and had her create a yummy cocktail and style it up pretty for the camera.  Dani’s got the golden touch when it comes to cocktails, styling for pics and editing just the right amount of details per shot.  She gets it and it apparently gets her because she’s out the gates running strong building up her following and smiling all the while.  Adore her.

This was my first time meeting Arielle but I knew since she and Dani were childhood besties– I would love her as well and boy was I right.  So much fun making pretty, giggling over stories and bonding over a love for the perfect shot.  I got to dig out lots of Vintage pieces inspired by Hispanic culture and traditional fiestas.  Lots of playful color went into the first phase of the shoot which was for the spice rum created by the up and coming Malahat Spirits Co.  This group of men have found huge success with their creative rum line and solicited the help of the Gold Wire ladies to get some shots of craft cocktails highlighting their delicious liquor.

Painted leather art pieces, wooden pineapple bowls and mini sombreros brought this cocktail to life!  Flowers were so fun to choose because of the festive palette of reds, orange, yellow, and bold pinks.  I went tropical and foreign with lush green leaves and a few Protea varieties.  Also couldn’t avoid Spring’s bounty of Anemone and Ranunculus.  Literally every color of the rainbow but I stuck to the Starburst colored blooms.

Our second look was for the regular rum and on this one the direction was simple, clean and rustic.  I immediately interpreted that as naked pottery, aged wood pieces and found rocks from a recent shoot.  Leftover Waxflower from Makers Arcade, Lavender from my yard and subtle pink Ranunculus added to this tabletop.  Dani went there with some gorgeous handmade ice cubes with frozen lemon slices inside.  Such a great idea that I see pinned all the time but no one every really does and it is just the cutest and smartest idea out there.  Adds to the drink without taking up extra room and makes a regular cocktail drinkable art.


So much fun was had on this sunny morning we left all swearing to do it again sooner than later.  Who knew playing with cocktails instead of drinking them could be so fun?!

Oh and these are just my sad iphone photos… waiting for Arielle to give me some real pics and will post em soon! xo