26 Dec 2015

2016 Weddings!!

Cannot even believe another year is coming to a close… We had our last wedding a couple weeks ago and boy was it a whole lotta pretty! Nothing is more beautiful than the wintery red charm Peonies mixed with tons o’ greens.

Super excited for what’s in store for next year though.  We are blessed to have some super sweet brides and all with totally different styles.

Best part (for me) is all the creative making and sourcing that comes with each wedding. One needs metal and cement platform planters for a lounge chalked full of funky indoor plants (the bride plans to keep and put in her house), while another will involve a 10 foot suspended platform with florals falling off from it as a ceremony backdrop.

Of course everything will have a floral element and all will involve some manual labor but this is what I was made for.  

Cannot wait to ring in this new year of weddings!! Sorry I’m a little excited if you hadn’t noticed 😉 Check back in for the behind the scenes and sneak peeks.  

Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday and will have a safe and equally beautiful New Year! xx