02 May 2013

Eye Candy defined in Beaumont California

When we hunt for finds sometimes it’s hard to see.  To be completely honest some of these stores, booths and dealers really need some help and finesse when it comes to how they display their treasure.  Often times it’s thrown together, in piles, or buried underneath something unattractive.  Every now and again you come by something special like below on the right– Vintage Glass organized and grouped by color.  A rainbow of beauties.  Vintage, ornate and all special in their own way… This is truly what “eye candy” is!

Of course I zoomed in on the bobs and bits for crafting.  The fabrics were so-so but the button assortments and random spools were also fitting for the “eye candy” category.  One particular doily caught my eye with little rosettes and leaves making the circular pattern different from the rest (below on the left).



All the finds needed to be held up close so that the details could be paid special attention.  I live for the details.  Whether it’s painted or knitted, or crackled and chipped, it’s the details that give these pieces their character and bring them to life.  The salvage finds were spectacular.  All weathering beautifully in the bright sun and I’m sure rusting magically after the dewy nights have worn off.  I fell in love with an old church windowpane that had a sweet pattern in colored glass and extra “chippy” paint in the structure (below on the right).


My last love was a prop in front of a rental space– this gorgeous typewriter with authentic cobwebs and all… It called to me.  Since this was our Anniversary trip I convinced myself that this should be my token gift… unfortunately (very) my husband could not be convinced as he was still stinging from the wardrobe trunk purchased the week before (sigh).  While I struck out this time I devised a plan to get my hands on one of these lovelies, I just need to be patient and wait for the right one to come my way!


Google Vintage, Thrift and Antique before you go on any road trip.  This is my golden rule and probably the best advice I can give you.  Some will be total duds that you drive up to and drive away from right away.  This is sad when it happens but also inevitable.  Usually some shops will pop up on the map in a cluster and that is when you know you’ve hit a goldmine.  Where there is one there is another and that means you have an Antique mall or row of stores full of potential.  This is what happened to us.  Turns out the city of Beaumont is really an Antique, Vintage, and Salvage heaven.  Love the different shops with assorted booths but loved even more the prices, unique pieces, and in all instances, the owners/managers running the places that were super gracious, appreciative and hospitable to us.  These are all key ingredients for the best shopping experience and also a reason to stay longer and dig around for a little bit more.  The economy has for sure hit and affected this town quite a bit but it’s the roadtrippers and those passing through like us, that keep it all alive.

Stop in Beaumont.  Wander a little.  I promise you will find something there you want.  I can’t wait to go back…


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