04 Sep 2015

Alternative blooms

Since we are in a drought it’s really only fitting to have projects cross our paths that call for barely any blooms.  Our main ingredients will be the heat tolerant succulents and cacti.

Now to figure out a way to make them look like arrangements without feeling overly forced and trite.  I start my research and after perusing many pins I soon realize this will be fun to design.  There’s an art behind placing a cactus in a bowl, pairing up another and then what kind of complimentary ground cover to accentuate it all with?! Pebbles, something sparkly or sand? Then there are a million and one colors to choose from.

I like this unchartered territory.   It will push what I know of floral design and get me to really map out placement of ingredients in relation to others.  My goal is to casually sneak in a few summer blooms: like bright red Dahlias and and a few vine like greens for softness and movement…. We shall see how this one turns out!

Stay tuned! xx