25 Feb 2013

Are Chalkboards Too Trendy?

Yes is what you are saying in your head as you nod at the screen.

Pinterest could possibly be suffering from a Chalkboard virus. Lets face it, everything could be turned into a chalkboard. Your wall, your cabinet, a mirror, a glass, your shoe… 🙂 Sorry, it was too easy.

Well maybe they are overdone but they are still rad. Here’s why:

1. They are reusable (green-friendly)
2. They take on different forms (my sarcastic list above just to name a few)
3. Menus, lists, signs, can all be written, changed out and rewritten
4. It’s all about the handwriting – graphic designers and funky fonts are cheating! Bring back the old school and do it yourself!

On that note, I am an advocate and huge fan of all these amazing calligraphers and artists out there that can really write. Turning letters into inspiring art. WOW. Maybe that is why I am fan of chalkboards because they are the artist’s palette for some killer genius handwriting! Couple of my favorites right now that I follow (stalk occasionally on Instagram)…

Christian Cantiello – Type Designer, Hand Letterer & Sign Painter from Philadelphia

Christian Cantiello

Jenny Luong – Art Director & Hand Letterer

Jenny Luong




NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHALKBOARD:  Some ideas I want to try soon

I see Vintage globes all the time and think it’s time to start collecting but then I saw this idea and thought it would be cute for an event/party…not a Vintage one though!

Source: via SZEMEM on Pinterest


Creative way to stay organized and incorporate chalk!  Best thing about it is that nothing is permanent and you can rearrange as needed.


Love this one below not just because the tags are cute, but because they also have painted accents on them.  Flirty flowers are always a plus!