24 Mar 2015

Bring NEON Back!

This is an oldie but a goodie.

Last summer during a typical San Diego heat wave we were asked to create fun and inspired photo booth for one of the monthly Creative Connection mixers.  We were thrilled to get the chance to design for such a fun group of strong and inspirational women.  The event was held at the Maker Place warehouse which for any crafty, creative and design oriented folks this is the place to be.  It has one of those membership type structures where you pay a monthly fee to have full access to their amazing space, tools, and even advice from the employees that work there.  All in all a perfect place for creative to gather and totally pushed me to design something that made sense.

So the backdrop/photo booth was inspired by fellow Makers.  All the tools you need to create jazzed up with some bright pops of neon.  Also decided to add some funky props so the pictures would be fun with a side of silly 😉

Creative Connection is been recently rebranded to Collaborative Thread with everything pretty much staying the same.   A great way to connect with other local talents, make friends, establish relationships and to remind yourself that you are not alone in your creative struggle.  There are ladies out there like you to lean on and get support from.  I love it!