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29 Feb 2016

Floral Adventures

  One of my goals set for the year was back in December of last when I decided to make an investment and set aside dedicated time to focus on my craft, learn and get the feed back that you really need — not from clients, your husband, family and friends…. But from someone you admire […]

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14 Feb 2016

April, May and June

Spring is coming and we are booking up weddings from San Diego to LA to Palm Springs!!  I’m having so much fun hearing about the stories, the details and dreams… Please keep sending your inquiries over!  Making my day…   

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25 Jan 2016

Boudoir Sessions

Tried something new today and let me tell you — beyond beautiful and so meaningful! Partnered up with some of my favorite creative gals at a new space shared by Maggie of Type & Title and Melissa of Walter & George… It was insane! Photography: Amazonas Photography  Hair: Kylie Make up: Lacey Haegen Makeup Artist […]

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20 Dec 2015

Tis the season

 That time of year is here and has been so for awhile… We have so much to do over this break aka the remainder of the year– updating the site, adding new shoots, weddings and upcoming events. Thanks for being so patient! For the next couple days it’s just lots of coffee with cinnamon, foraged […]

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17 Oct 2015

Denim + Blooms

Bringing the fall bloom bouquets to Madewell UTC today for a shopping event! Get 20% off your purchase, munch on amazing Gluten Free donuts by my girl Jess of Sweet 101 Desserts and if you spend $125 (which is insanely easy to do) you get a free seasonal bouquet by moi! Do it!    Foraged […]

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04 Sep 2015

Alternative blooms

Since we are in a drought it’s really only fitting to have projects cross our paths that call for barely any blooms.  Our main ingredients will be the heat tolerant succulents and cacti. Now to figure out a way to make them look like arrangements without feeling overly forced and trite.  I start my research […]

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03 Sep 2015

My brides…

Someone asked me the other day if I like weddings…. YES. I definitely do. Such a rewarding experience and fun journey to be a part of.  I think a happy bride that is blown away is worth every minute of “work.”  It’s hard to call our time spent floralizing as work but I guess it is. […]

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26 Aug 2015

Long hair = tangled boredom

Maybe you won’t feel bad for me but hear me out. Long hair means tired arms, an hour of super hot blow drying that leaves you sweaty, a knotted bun, hair in my food, and sometimes I think it attacks people and we get tangled up. Not cool. It’s heavy. It’s straight. I’m so bored!! […]

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25 Aug 2015

Lucky in Love Wedding

It seems that the races are the place to be this summer and so this past weekend we brought on some of the brightest blooms imaginable!!  Check em out:       Garden roses of every possibly shade, ball Dahlias, Tulips, Snapdragons, Ranunculus and more! Kinda felt like we were dipping into a bag of Skittles…. […]

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