01 Mar 2013

Countdown to Spring: A Project and A Promise

Always thought that Winter was my favorite season… I love coats, scarves, chunky knit socks with laced up boots, but, I must admit that I am unbelievably inspired by all things SPRING!

The sweet hues, rich blooms, and light that surrounds this upcoming time of year, not only bring a smile to my face but also keep me up at night.

I dream in Spring.

I am swimming in new ideas of things to create, Vintage must haves I must hunt down, blooms I need to play with, and places I need to stop driving by and finally set up photoshoots in!

Because I am so stoked about Spring I have decide to take on a daily project and make a promise:

I promise to blog daily, be it a mini post of a quick pic of mine or inspiration I came across, or a full on Creation: Step-By-Step- I will commit to blogging daily until the first day of Spring, March 20th 2013!

Go easy on me because I might have to blog from my phone some days which is a sin, but sometimes it’s all you got!

Whipped this up late night this week after shopping at Michael’s for nothing in particular I came across these quaint Vintage inspired cupcake holders and just had to buy them.  No idea what I wanted to do with them until I tripped over my framed metal crate board and realized the two were meant for each other.  Things are meant to be together and sometimes it isn’t evident until you stub a toe 🙂

I have to figure out where I want to hang this and it might not last for too long because my intentions was to suspend this board from the ceiling and have flowers hang down.  The upside to the cupcake “flowers” is that they will last forever but they don’t smell.  We shall see!


Creation: Spring CupcakesCreation: Spring Cupcake Final


For everyone out there– Happy first day of March and let the Countdown to Spring begin!  Day 1 is down…off to hunt treasures, pick up flowers, and hopefully swing by an auction!  Hope everyone has a lovely Friday….