13 Mar 2013

Countdown to Spring: Day 12 ~ Experimenting with some Vintage DIY!


Loving Vintage lampshades. Crazier the shape the better. Most are considered trash but nowadays on Pinterest and most of the event/decor blogs you will find that one person’s trash will work like treasure for someone else! Don’t let them get dumped! RESCUE MISSION!

Leftover flowers were put to use here by wrapping bundles together with my yarn/Vintage fabric braids. Suspending the bundles from the wires in the shade just looked quick and easy. This could also make for a fast drying process on flowers and herbs too. I picture this over a kitchen table, slung low over a long table for a bridal shower, or hanging center to a little girl’s bedroom. So many options and again this was a quick solution and test for me. I’d like to drape a garland along the top, incorporate more materials and play with larger blooms! This as well as a couple others might make their debut at an upcoming Easter party…just need more time! Okay, now I think I want to incorporate paper flowers, felt, poms and much more Vintage fabric!!!!

To be continued…


Here are a couple simple cuties from Pinterest that I came across…

Source: via ally on Pinterest

Source: via Candice on Pinterest