22 Nov 2013

Crafts & Cocoa

Finally. It is that time of the year.

My favorite time is here. The one I look forward to each year and that never comes quite fast enough.

I am always looking for ways to channel and indulge in the holiday giddiness that I enjoyed as a child. Whether it’s venturing to the snow and sledding down at dangerous speeds or writing letters to the North Pole with my littles and dropping them off at the post office… I embrace my inner child and try to have some real innocent fun.

Why not take my love of Vintage and Holiday season and translate it into a little weekend workshop with friends and kids where we get crafty, explore the outdoors and sip cocoa to keep warm?!?

Ideal? I think so!

Here are some ideas and inspiration:

Really want to hunt and gather some nature with the kiddos to make wintery mobiles. I’m all about sticks and pretty leaves mixed with paint, glitter and some pretty Vintage trims. This could go a couple different ways but I leave it up to them to decide. Will say I love the idea of fabric or yarn wrapped sticks but for now I’m pulling out the Vintage collection so that we have a variety to choose from.




Painting with a twist!! Using found items in nature for paintbrushes like this will take our holiday art pieces to the next level. Hoping the kids feel inspired to make paintings for others AKA gifts.



Weaving doesn’t have to be with a fancy loom and years of technical training– we can improvise with our own version of weaving using things we find in our backyards.



Lastly, after we have crafted our hearts out and need to re-energize– will do so with our cocoa in one hand and our gingerbread pieces in the other. Think we will have teams of two to construct houses together and get some friendly competition going.


Now it’s time to stop talking and start foraging in our backyards!!


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