21 Apr 2016

Darling Dinner LA

It’s that time of year when collaborations run our days and nights.  Almost exactly a year from when we teamed up with Darling Magazine along with a crew of other amazing industry vendors to host a cocktail party here in San Diego.

This time we packed up our blooms and traveled north with Farra of Hostess Haven to host a Darling Dinner at the Hedley and Bennett headquarters in Vernon, CA.  The space is unreal.  Massive industrial warehouse that has been doctored up with a lot of paint, a lot of aprons and a lot of flair (just like the founder).

We had been dreaming up with tabletop design for months and to see it come to life was just the best feeling ever.  Farra really went to all corners of the earth to source the best of the best.  Napkins were made, glass was sourced and even the Herdmar flatware was provided as a special treat for our guests.

Pro pics won’t be in for awhile so until then here are my iPhone shots of the flowers and tables I love so dearly.  Still have a few leftovers in my room as I write this post.