12 Jul 2013

Etsy or Online Shop?


Hot debate right now over opening an Etsy shop or online shop tied to the blog. Can’t decide which one or maybe both!?!?

Some of the items for sale:

(1) Order our custom creations with our theme of “Vintage with a Twist” like the custom saws with hand painted quotes, names or logos.

(2) Personal favorite that came from friends/family and strangers asking for me to help find them certain Vintage pieces. This will be a way to have me source and hunt down something you’ve been dying for and hopefully for a reasonable price before the retail mark up!

(3) Doodles turned art in some cases. Custom order quotes with a theme on Vintage music sheets, book pages, salvaged wood or just Vintage inspired art! Want to elaborate more on this but it’s still being born. Would like to create virtual and tangible wall papers, stationary and notepads all with Vinttage flair but that’s for another post…

(4) Custom signs. Love logo work and creating something for a business. Salvage windowpanes make for amazing signs but so does a suitcase, barn wood, platter, etc. Endless possibilities when collaborating with business owners and creating their logo or sign or both!

Need feed back! Please message on Facebook page @ Layered Vintage (like us too while you’re there) or comment on post/blog!!!

Thanks for any advice… Want to hear from you!


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