15 Dec 2014

Favorite time of the year…

My advice for stressful holiday situations? Donuts and DIY! And not in any particular order but TOGETHER! That’s right. Munch some amazing San Diego Donut Bar and take your presents to the next level with some thoughtful wrapping options!

I went simple this year with kraft brown paper (save $$ by avoiding Michael’s rolls and just pick up slightly thicker paint drop paper from Home Depot or Lowe’s). It acts as the perfect canvas for all sorts of arty ideas.

Paint pens or white acrylic pens pop out agains the brown and work well to scribe Christmas verses, doodle ornaments and other holiday fun.

Instead of sticker and store bought tags I created my own by drawing a simple round ornament, adding a splash of watercolor and then writing to and from on them myself. It’s the little things that set your gifts apart from the rest. For the record, the kids gift don’t get these special details!! Only the few gifts I have for adults get the Layered Vintage touch on them.

Of course nature played it’s part in the wrapping. I foraged fallen pinecones (ideally on a twig) and attached them as a pseudo “bow” to my gifts with simple twine. I hacked away at my father-in-law’s hedge that had that “Christmas tree” vibe to it and also cut at our Eucalyptus and Peppercorn trees. Super simple and they dry perfectly so you needn’t worry about keeping them fresh!

Last element was the hunted Vintage. I really score on after Christmas sales so many of this years supplies were last year’s scores of 80+% off original prices (Michael’s). Also the thrift stores in the area had the cutest Vintage ornaments that worked as decor for the house and my presents. I came across a $1 bag of old traditional bulb string lights and go the idea to use them as gift toppers! There’s something so nostalgic about those bulbs. The reactions from them alone were well worth it! Also tried to stay away from plastic ribbon and substituted in Vintage plaid fabric and cheap finds from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.

This holiday season was hectic. We juggled birthdays, parties and shopping and managed to do it all. I still think the Donuts and DIY kept me sane!! Try it…