29 Feb 2016

Floral Adventures

  One of my goals set for the year was back in December of last when I decided to make an investment and set aside dedicated time to focus on my craft, learn and get the feed back that you really need — not from clients, your husband, family and friends…. But from someone you admire and look up to.

My inspiration can be found up North in Salem, Oregona: Katie of Ponderosa and Thyme

She’s one of those designers I’ve looked to for inspiration and really admired since the beginning. 

I’m so excited today… Flying up this morning and will have two intense days of one-on-one flowering. Hoping to return invigorated, more confident and of course an event better floral designer! I believe in things like this. I personally love to teach but as someone sharing your passion it’s important to make sure your game is on point and that you’re being challenged as well.

Get ready for behind the scenes action and entirely too many flower pics. Sorry but not really 😉

Here’s a little peak of what I did last night while I watched the Oscars…