28 Jun 2015

Floral Swag Bar Returns!!

The “professional” pics by Katie Beverly Photography will be much better than my iPhone ones but in my defense, I’ve upgraded to the 6 plus and this thing is a beast!

Love my girls of Queen Bee Market whom we joined for their Spring market a few months back, so when they called for another collab of course we could not turn it down. This was a craft night, or more intimate gathering of 50 ladies with dinner, drinks, dessert, hearty swag bags and multiple instruction led crafts to make and take. Super cute, colorful and of course creative.

My partner in crime- Miss Kylie aka creative design extraordinaire was there to help with floralizing hair. We had done this before at the Darling Party and had a ton of success. Note to self: blooms in hair brings happiness, happiness spreads like wildfire and yes we did all 50 attendees as well as all vendors. No one wanted to be left out!

I swear Kylie is the hair whisperer– she just gets what looks good and goes with it. Her sense of style is inventive and beautiful and I love that I never see her do two things twice.

Best part about our Floral Swag Bar is that you get one on one time with each person.  Can chat about the event, find out where they’re from and just engage in fun conversation…. Something that sometimes drives me nutty at events- when things are loud or chaotic it’s hard to meet people and have any meaningful conversation.  Working the bar solves that problem and makes the night that much more fun for us.

Stoked we got to set up shop in the beautiful courtyard of the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar and right in front of The Printed Palette– aka the cutest shop ever!! Highly recommend swinging in as you’ll want things for yourself, someone’s baby and if you have kids they need what they got.  Major love.  Plus I finally got to meet the creative mind and owner – Alissa – for the first time.

I feel new collabs brewing after a fun event like this one… More pics to come! xo
Here’s cutie Kylie working it at our new industrial metal cart.

 {Vintage rug goodness and wood slabs and stools but the amazing Pow Wow Design Studio}