25 Jun 2013

Hidden Gems

It’s all about the deal of the day when you dedicate an entire morning or afternoon to Vintage Hunting. It’s thrilling for the everyday shopper. Sure there’s the bargain hunters, but don’t get confused. A Vintage Hunter looks for amazing deals but also “hunts” the “hidden gems” and that makes this version so exciting and quite rewarding!

We have a few finds from the weekend that were all under a dollar (steal/bargain) and all were missed on an initial pass through. You have to have an eye for these treasures. They are always hiding under something, covered by something flashy, or wrapped in horrid packaging.


Just a painted piece of wood is what you think when you pass this but looking closer you see it’s hand painted and the details are glorious. Love the colors and the idea that this could be a wall art piece in a cluster of frames.


Just an old dusty wood bowl but then you pick it up and realize its solid wood and looking closer it’s hand carved and quite unique. It’s all about weight for us. Heaviness sometimes implies quality and this is a prime example of craftsmanship.


Our recent obsession with 60’s and 70’s styled ceramics is not going away anytime soon and if anything grows and is validated every time we hunt! This little guy was inside another pot. So cute and perfect for a single bloom. Love the idea of single stem vases and in the process of growing yet another collection!


Tarnished and a little dull. This guy hides in the shadows. Pick him up and he’s heavy, solid, brass with a slight hammered look. Another single stem vase that would make Peony or Dahlia pop right out. Only frustration is that we want lots of these but they are harder to find and always flying solo!

Pass through once. Then go back with the fine-toothed comb and dig for the Hidden Gems. They are there lurking in the shadows trying to not be found….


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