21 Aug 2013

Hide it from the Husband!

This should be it’s own weekly addition. A column where I can confess my purchases and then divulge where they are hidden in case I die or something (sorry it’s morbid but you need recourse)….

Seriously though, sneaking things into storage is a little too much fun and I love that I can totally get away with it. That’s the thing about men. They really do cast a blind eye to a lot. It’s sometimes a bad thing like not noticing a crazy haircut change but in this case “it’s all good!” I can continue my addiction and growing my inventory while he can think I’m organizing and playing around.

There definitely have been some slip ups but my advice is to… Lie!?! No, no, don’t lie but maybe “white-lie” it with, “this isn’t for me, it’s a gift.”

Haha, a gift to myself!!!

Well, sometimes it really is a gift. I wonder if he’s noticing all the large items are gifts??? Hmmm….

I’m going to get caught but until then I’m hiding out. I’m adding and I’m hiding. Tucking things here and there…and having a little fun too along the way!





What are you hiding?


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