26 Nov 2015

G A T H E R: behind the scenes

So why did we Gather?? It goes way back to the summer…

Sarah of L&S Design Co. asked me to help her with her studio warehouse, The Brick and Laurel, that she wanted to turn into a venue for photographers, small parties, creative workshops and more.  She didn’t know how to go about it but knew the potential was there.  The Brick and Laurel is one a few buildings in San Diego that has original brick walls — instant swoon!  I’m such a fan of brick and historic places.  You really have to dig to find them in our sunny little city…

We met a few times and decided a lifestyle shoot would make the most sense.  We could bring in our talented “friendors” in the area for help and create something really beautiful.  Because the holidays were coming up quick I thought maybe we could turn the shoot into a little party for industry friends to come mix and mingle while seeing the warehouse all transformed and dressed up from the shoot.  

I’m all about killing two birds with one stone.

Transforming the warehouse was so simple.  It’s an ideal canvas with its layered wood beams, cement floors and mix of wood and brick walls.  I knew the moment I laid eyes on the rafters that a DIY chandelier was in need. Something with copper, Edison bulbs and then dressed in fresh greens… This was a fun project for Sarah and I to collab on.  We both swung from the ladders hanging our goods and creating a fun focal point for the party.

For inspiration I wanted to channel the beginnings of William and Sonoma. That woodsy, country, rustic, all American vibe you get from the brand. Copper, wood, cast iron and a hint of French country but meets modern day so not too old school.  A more modern day cabin vibe if you will.

With Pow Wow Design Studio being only a few miles away and having – let’s face it – the baddest rentals out there, we both knew they had to be our lounges and decor for the party.  Hostess Haven is always the one to call for tabletop but owner and creative director, Farra Miron, is also a food styling genius, yup- a genius.  Having her eye with her goods meant only magic.

The food was one of the most important players and choosing the right catering company was taken very seriously.  We both agreed no one understands the balance between art and taste as well as A Miho Experience.  We eat with all our senses and visually we wanted to knock it out of the park by having a traditional menu with a modern twist.  Many classics and holiday inspired dishes taken to the next level with technique, style, and top notch ingredients.

I wish you could taste these pictures. 

It’s interesting to have the 8 foot dining table in the middle of the party. We wanted it there for the shoot as it was centered to the chandelier but then we pondered leaving it.  It was actually an all out debate between us four hosts.  In the end Farra made a good point: this party is all about gathering friends for the holidays and around the table full of delicious food.  The table never looked so good or made more sense than as the star in the heart of the venue.

Here are the sneak peeks the super sweet and crazy talented Megan Guerrero of Studio Castillero sent me the day after the party. I literally fell of my chair when I saw these. The mood is there- wintery feeling, rustic meets modern and centered around the food.

Enjoy for now… So much more to come!



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