27 Apr 2014

Laguna Beach: From the Inside

Remember when we went up to Laguna for the event with my girl Shannon of Cargo Creative?

Well we’ve been bad (and busy) and neglected to post our adventures but we are finally getting to it!

We went up for a collaboration with Shannon who was asked to host and style the event. She asked moi to do the florals to complete her vision and compliment her charity of choice- American Forests. The lovely ladies of One Hope Wine were also in the mix serving up their delicious wines and donating a portion of their proceeds back to American Forests.

Forests meant more wild less garden in terms of a floral story. Lots of wild ferns, branches and driftwood made their way into each design. For a palette I wanted to avoid girlie pinks and purples and turned to bold reds, sunny yellow and simple whites. Ranunculus made perfect sense with their wild ways and Lilac offered up something bushy but also sweet smelling. Simple glass and Vintage apothecary served as vessels not wanting to steal the thunder of the venue but ease in.

I’m a sucker for installations and hanging flowers so when we saw the two story mesh metal curtains we knew threading blooms in and hanging tea light candles were going to happen. Shannon envisioned a makeshift bar and installed a canvas tarp suspended in the corner with rope so that the ladies of One Hope Wine would have some shade and a home to set up in. Instantly knew I wanted to make a wild garland of Eucalyptus and ferns to adorn the edge of the canopy. Lots of moss and embedded flowers covered the table top to give the feeling that the wine glasses sprouted from the earth. Can you tell I was in love with the bar!?! Subtle I know 😉

It was a cocktail kinda party with delish apps on board but in desperate need of something sweet! In the spirit of collaborating and bringing in other creatives- I asked Jess of Sweet 101 Desserts if she would mind joining in the fun. She was in and whipped up her beautiful edibles and even had the idea of merging her treats with my doodles- Gluten free shortbread cookies with hand painted doodles. For our first go with this we were quite pleased. It was fun, fairly quick, and painless. We opened yet another door to something fun for us to work on together!

Last and most important was the space provided to serve not just as the meeting spot to mix and mingle but also our canvas to paint on- Seven4One in the heart of Laguna Beach. So rad. The most killer living walls mixed with the texture of raw materials made for a modern, edgy, and rocking space to work with.

The hotel is a square with a center court hosting a fireplace, lounge area and enough room to host a dinner party, a wedding or in our case a impromptu bar, lounge, and place to hang for our guests.

Let me quit talking and just tell the story thought pics.

I must add this was my first go with Airbnb and so there are some pics of my lovely cottage on the hills overlooking the ocean. Perfect for one person and with enough space for me to enjoy the company of my blooms. I went running each day around the inspiring neighborhood and shot pics of the beautiful yards and landscaping details. Laguna is SO lush!