26 Aug 2015

Long hair = tangled boredom

Maybe you won’t feel bad for me but hear me out.

Long hair means tired arms, an hour of super hot blow drying that leaves you sweaty, a knotted bun, hair in my food, and sometimes I think it attacks people and we get tangled up. Not cool.

It’s heavy. It’s straight. I’m so bored!! I love curly, wavy and bouncy hair, with LAYERS!! Lots of body and layers upon layers!

I got nada and feel blah šŸ™

But I recently met my girl Kylie and I found out that maybe things aren’t so bad… My hair is useful not for strangling myself… But for braiding! Fancy shmancy braiding!!

While I can only braid my hair into a simple braid, she can do crazy things and not even use a rubberband! Sometimes we only have 10 minutes and no mirror but it doesn’t seem to matter… I’m completely addicted to having my hair braided.

I know Kylie won’t always be around to braid me and that as a grown woman I should probably make attempts to do my own hair… Hence our fun and fresh workshop – final in the #CreativeSummerNights series – this Thursday, August 28th from 6-8 pm.

I’m so excited to learn from a master and have my hair done up. It’s a good feeling.

Come out >> click the workshops link for details and to buy tickets! Let’s do this!

Can’t wait to meet you all…. xoxo

Photos of Kylie and I messing around by the amazingĀ By Amy Lynn Photography