06 Dec 2015

Makers Arcade Holiday Fair

Head is still buzzing from all the fun at yesterday’s Makers Arcade…. It’s really the best of the best under one roof and nothing makes this special time of year feel more real than participating in something so festive and fun.

Sounds cheesy but it’s so true. The Maker community is on fire and I’m proud to be a part of it.  I’ve met some of the best people out there – biggest hearts and just insane talent- by being a part of these events. It’s really an honor and something that I love and really believe in.

Jen and Rebecca know how to produce a fair. They bring class and customized details each and every time so that the attendees and the makers feel like they’re really getting a lot out of being there and again supporting the creative movement that’s on fire right now.  I truly adore them both for their passion and for them as just amazing people to know and call friends.

This year Jen had an idea for my booth: make it interactive and host a Floral Braid Bar. Something fun for ladies and girls to do and something new and a little different.  Such a spot on call! Soooo many ladies had events that night or were heading over to December nights at Balboa Park for more holiday cheer.  Everyone left feeling a little more beautiful and special which is what it’s all about. 

It’s a good feeling for us to make someone feel good about themselves and let’s face it– we had some pretty hot gals roll through our booth yesterday! 

Here’s a peek of some of the fun!

Thanks to Kylie (expert braid and wedding hair guru) and Monica (also a creative hair expert) for their energy, smiles and talent!! Man their fingers were a flying through the hair!