21 Jun 2016

Makers Arcade: Spring Fair 2016

Our favorite time of year is definitely Spring.  All the blooms have come out to play, the weather is mellow and sometimes it even rains (oh wow), and somehow everything just feels a little bit prettier and romantic during this magical time.

We were so excited to collab once again with the gals of Makers Arcade.  This time we switched gears a bit and took on the “Make and Take” craft for the event.  I’m not going to lie- it took me forever to figure out what craft would be the best, the most fun, and be feasible for children and adults.  We went with Himmeli which are all the rage right now and can be made out of – metal, wood and straw – to hang from your wall, make as an ornament, larger ones for installations and some even to suspend airplants in.  The possibilities are endless, hence why it would make for the perfect craft to test out.

Straws made the mos sense as they are budget friendly, don’t require any heavy duty tools to create the sizes you need and they come in all kinds of fun colors.  We opted for a bright punchy plastic straw mix from Ikea and some gold metallic paper ones just for fun.  Turns out the craft was a major success and was slammed the entire time… we ran out of goods at 2pm with three hours left (yikes) but that just means it was a hit!  Success 😉

Meanwhile next door to the crafting mania was our booth of blooms, dried blooms, hexagon / triangle shelves, and of course – hair floral swag!  We added pretty flowers to hair for all ages and had such a lovely time meeting folks from all over and having them leave feeling just a little bit more special than when they arrived.

So much work.  So much fun.  We can’t wait for Winter 😉


We are loving all the amazing photos from Let’s Frolic Together!