04 May 2015

Mother’s Day Inspiration: Springtime love

Mother’s Day comes at the best time of year ~ during Spring! Every bloom you can imagine is available and at its best form. Major quality.

Peonies are popping and more reasonable right now than usual so I  made them the focal point and shiny star of every piece. From there everything other ingredient falls into place.  I wanted to channel that wild flower look you get when you find fresh meadows of colorful flowers during this time of year. 

Peppermint geranium is both fragrant and easy to work with so it was a natural choice for my main Green.  I’m totally in Love with the hybrid ranunculus from Mayesh.  They really delivered with peachy and soft pink colors.  Probably the most thrilled over their quality and color….

I always wander into the sale section at the back of Mayesh for the unwanted… And I was so excited to see huge bunches of Chamomile.  Sure some of the buds had lost their mini white petals but I didn’t mind.  Their dainty look really tied each arrangement together and I loved to pop yellow accent they brought.

Another flower I’m pretty smitten with are the locally grown snapdragons.  So many colors, rad curvy shapes and the blooms always open for that full lush look.

I had the best time getting lost in these pieces hope you enjoy them too!