13 Apr 2013

New Chapter: Vintage and Nature


Vintage calls to Nature. I see Vintage things all the time that I have to have- Milk glass, frames, industrial crates, books, etc. They are all beautiful and unique alone but they were really meant to be paired up and completed with an accessory from Nature. The two go hand-in-hand. One complimenting the other and you never have to deal with one upstaging or overwhelming the other as long you styled them up right.

I’ve decided this is the reason why I’m so drawn to florals lately and end up venturing to farmers market on the weekends while everyone else sleeps. I know my pieces are unfinished without flowers, twigs, succulents or whatever makes sense and I can’t have that.

On a positive side note: I’m finding that “floral play” is calming, therapeutic after a long workday, and my equivalent to a glass of wine…. Winning if I must say!


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