26 Jan 2015

Ode to Pantone’s color for 2015: MARSALA

I love to dye. So fun so easy and if you make a mistake it’s a beautiful one that you’ll want to make again but inevitably it’ll turn out slightly different and you’ll love that.

It’s a process, it’s always an experiment and for me that refuses to take a class or read anything on how to really dye— it’s just fun.

I thought about real wine and I still might go back and double dip some pieces with the real deal but for now this was just cheap “Wine” colored dye from Michael’s.

To start I always try to follow the directions on the back as closely as I can. I boil the water but only half a kettle and I add too much salt– like the first round to be severely dark and go from there. I had a $0.50 crocheted doily from an estate sale with light stains on it’s off white body so that was the first to take the plunge. It came out gorgeous!! Darkest burgundy ever and it’s been reborn beautifully!

From there I added in warm water to take the color down a bit and had some vintage fabric and leftovers I shredded up into long strips. Each took a bath and lightened along the way.

It’s Marsala to raspberry at best but I love the results. From there I added in funky yarn and more vintage trim to see how it flowed and go inspired to make a little macrame interpretation. Not fully macrame as the lengths are all different but the simple square knot repeated over and over.

It’s a start now I’m going to take 6 foot lengths and make a macrame runner for a styled shoot coming up. Same ombr√© set up but much longer. Wish me luck!

Will post the final piece soon and maybe some sneak peeks of the shoot!