17 May 2016

Queen Bee Market Spring Fair 2016

I so love working with the ladies behind Queen Bee Market and getting the opportunity to bring flowers to so many sweet people!

Many people ask why I collaborate and participate in these types of craft fairs so here are the reasons-

The first reason is love: I love crafts, I love crafters, and I love the creative spirit and vibe that these types of markets breed.  This is a community full of sweet and positive people and it’s infectious.  The second reason is people: I love seeing so many people locally in the San Diego area and ones that have traveled from all over.  We met people from Arizona, Vegas, Colorado and even Georgia over this past weekend.  It’s so fun to hear their stories, chat blooms and just enjoy their company.

I couldn’t have done this event with a wedding overlapping on the second day without my two amazing ladies- Monica and Chely.  They were amazing “booth babes,” chatting up customers, whipping up bouquets and all the why keeping our booth as gorgeous as can be.  Maybe this is the third hidden reason: I love getting time with my #layeredladies and laughing over flowers.


**Major shout out to Nic Roc Designs for whipping up this vinyl sticker for our new wall… making Studio von Berg’s logo look extra fancy!