26 Jul 2013

Shop & Support Local. Do it!

“Don’t buy from overseas.” I can hear my husband’s voice in my head. “Buy local. Be supportive!” Again the lecturing continues on.

In the past laziness and probably wanting to score the best “deal” we’re the ultimate deciding factors in what I was going to purchase…. Fast forward a few years and I’m totally different. My style and likes are the same but the thinking and process behind them are radically different.

With Vintage it’s all about the hunt. This has translated over into regular everyday purchases too. Bath soaps, to shoes, to accessories to things for my boys. We can buy in bulk, we can import cheaply but it’s just not supportive of all the businesses surrounding us and frankly it’s just boring and unoriginal!

Love boutique shopping. Finding something you don’t see all the time and that while someone else may have it– it’s probably an out-of-towner and so who cares!?! Ha! I tell myself these little white lies all the time. I like to have different things. They definitely get noticed and it’s just more fun when someone asks where you got it to say “oh this adorable little shop down on 5th street! The owner is amazing!” There’s a story. A possible connection with someone cool. And the fact that you deviated from the masses to be unique and support something in a nearby neighborhood feels good.

Maybe this is my version of the “shopping hight?” Ha! Lots of quotes in this little blog piece isn’t there?

This takes me to the next part of this piece: Had a lovely visit to Shop Citrine in the quaint North Park neighborhood of San Diego today. In this case I’ve been an Insta and FB fan for awhile now. Commenting on pics, messaging the owner, and just liking from afar via social media. Finally get my butt down to visit on the day before the shop is closing it’s doors. Bittersweet. Naturally the owner is amazing. I always know based off her pictures, the way she curated and styled her shop- it all tells me a lot about her.

Closing down only to have more quality time with her son which is such an admirable reason to close. Don’t even think I’ve heard of it before but I love it. The business is going to remain in tact but evolve into more of an online store, Pop-up Shop events and maybe more later on.

She asked what I was doing and I shrugged and said “everything” (which is officially my new answer). I try to avoid no and just see where it takes me. But I liked that she had come to peace with her business and was looking forward to the change and new possibilities. It was inspiring.

Best part about being an owner. Having the ability to change course as you like and be happy with your decision. It’s brave.

Definitely someone to check out. Her ideas on a Pop-up Shop are different than the usual versions but a cool, original take. Like to try one out in the future… In the end I validated what I already knew about the shop’s owner and met someone to collaborate with in the future. She inspired me to not give up but change courses and evolve when it makes sense and then be happy with your choices.

I walked away with a ton of goodies but I also walked away feeling more confident about the unknown destiny of Layered Vintage. No matter what happens it all works out. I can keep shrugging and having fun meeting amazing, talented, and inspiring people! What a fun ass job!!!

Oh here is a little glimpse of the goodies I picked up…



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