02 Sep 2013

Sneak Peek of Behind the Scenes

My dreams of being a florist were within reach on the day of this Country Boho photo shoot. Yes, I call myself the “wannabe florist” because I try, and I can’t help playing with flowers.

Dahlias called me name way before I drove to the flower market in the early morning fog. I just had to have them in bubblegum pink and a burgundy wine color. So feminine and scream Bohemian.

The other florals were quite spirited and definitely had a wild and carefree way about them. We wanted to work with pliable stems that would work well in floral crowns and not overwhelm the green ivy bases. Have to say the obsession with flower crowns is still there and I’ve only just fed the frenzy further by making up a few varieties for our messy-haired models. A wreath and garland were also made up for our painted mare but she wasn’t having it- it being the flowers. She wanted to run wild (as she should) and shake all flowers off her back. We tried and hopefully our photographer got a few good shots!

[Note to self: must throw a Craft & Cocktails party with some ladies and deck out their hair with some DIY flower crowns…]

The trees around the lake were droopy and sagged perfectly. Like art, they could not be anymore picturesque and made all the shots beautiful. They really brought everything together. I wish I knew what they were… I feel like they are Southern charmers that are slightly out of place her in Cali but not surrounding this lake. They are stunning and I could have pitched all the flowers and just worked with them all day…

Will post the full spread of the shoot when pics come in! Stay tuned….









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