21 Jul 2015

Styling crossover

I definitely don’t claim to be fashionable. My favorite color is black which my oldest reminds me isn’t really a color. Whatever the case may be I have a closet dedicated to my black garb.  I think fashion is tricky. You can like what you like but it’s probably exhausting staying ahead of the trends without trying too hard and being unique and hip…. Sounds grueling!

So I decided to take my floral and event styling and tackle something new: fashion.  I still think I fell back on what I know with black but I can’t help that it just looks good on people.  

Took my lovely #LayeredLadies shopping at Free People for some hip summer garb and tried to go for that effortless Boho meets relaxed country/summer nights look.  Is that a look?  It should be.
Well it sure as hell is now.  I love that torn jeans and messy look and of course Free People came through like they do.  Fitting each skinny lady like a second skin and highlighting their feminine shape while not drowning them.  I wanted to contrast tight and fitting with loose and flowing.  Moving clothing and hair is a must if we are going to do a shoot together. 

Erin Luce of Unveiled Bridal Beauty really understood the look I wanted which was definitely sexy but in a very natural and soft way.  No hard lines and tough eyes… very soft and sun-kissed.  Doesn’t hurt either that Monica and Kylie are total babes 😉

Final and most important piece?  The jewels of course!  Lucky to score some rare curated pieces from Krista of Hand Meets Sky.  She has the eye for the unique and beautiful.  Her pieces are so special and made with such love and attention to detail it’s hard to not sit there and stare…

Little flash flooding from the days before made our journey to the shoot site a little more adventurous than we needed but that’s half the fun.  Jumping fences in the name of the “perfect shot” is just what we creatives do.  No hesitation.  Our guest model was non other than our family horse – Gracie – an Arabian beauty that is actually my mom’s (oops) but she was available to take the gig!

I can’t share my iphone photos when we were blessed with my favorite gal Arielle Vey Photography behind the lens.  Okay maybe I can share a few but that’s only because I’ve been taught by Ari on how to capture the good pics on your iphone… It’s definitely not the easiest of tasks.

You’re gonna be blown away by these beauties and the amazing fashion and accessories.  Consider yourself warned.


hair tosscuff close up

Handsturquoise by Hand Meets Sky