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08 Apr 2016

Digging this palette

Maybe it was our recent travels to Mexico and all the gorgeous terra cotta (I might have bought a truckload 🙈) but something had me super inspired to go big and bold for this weeks photoshoot. Good buddy and major talent Arielle Vey asked me to floral up her home for a feature on Design […]

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14 Feb 2016

April, May and June

Spring is coming and we are booking up weddings from San Diego to LA to Palm Springs!!  I’m having so much fun hearing about the stories, the details and dreams… Please keep sending your inquiries over!  Making my day…   

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26 Dec 2015

2016 Weddings!!

Cannot even believe another year is coming to a close… We had our last wedding a couple weeks ago and boy was it a whole lotta pretty! Nothing is more beautiful than the wintery red charm Peonies mixed with tons o’ greens.   Super excited for what’s in store for next year though.  We are […]

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28 Jun 2015

Floral Swag Bar Returns!!

The “professional” pics by Katie Beverly Photography will be much better than my iPhone ones but in my defense, I’ve upgraded to the 6 plus and this thing is a beast! Love my girls of Queen Bee Market whom we joined for their Spring market a few months back, so when they called for another […]

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04 May 2015

Mother’s Day Inspiration: Springtime love

Mother’s Day comes at the best time of year ~ during Spring! Every bloom you can imagine is available and at its best form. Major quality. Peonies are popping and more reasonable right now than usual so I  made them the focal point and shiny star of every piece. From there everything other ingredient falls […]

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28 Mar 2015

Cocktail Collaboration…?? Yes please!

Love being asked to collaborate on a project where everyone involved is both talented and super sweet. When stylist Dani Colombatto and photographer Arielle Vey asked me to style flowers for a product shoot for their new venture The Gold Wire Blog I immediately said yes.  Recently brought Dani on for a wedding photo shoot I […]

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30 May 2014

Urban Craft Camp Workshop w/Bloem Hill

Finally sharing some of the pretty creations from our collaboration with Jess of Sweet 101 Desserts and Ana and Jen of Urban Craft Camps…. In the midst of a random heat wave we still managed to turn our hot Spring day into a beautiful one! It all started when Ana found our flower doodle cookies […]

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11 Jan 2014

Floral Design Workshop to kickstart 2014!

Signed up for the Yasmine Floral Design workshop at Poketo next month in LA! So excited for the chance to learn from someone I admire and am so inspired by! I feel like putting myself out there with a workshop and some dedicated learning will be a refreshing way to kick start my creative 2014. […]

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