08 Jun 2013

Vintage-Inspired World Traveler Baby Shower

Wanted to share some of the close-ups from our wonderful Baby Shower a couple weeks ago.  Now it seems like it was forever ago but thankfully we have some lovely shots of all the hard work, details, and creative “Vintage Twists” we were able to add to some of our favorite Vintage finds.

The Mom-to-be is a flight attendant for a private plane and her husband is a pilot.  Naturally the World Traveler theme transpired from all the experiences the soon-to-be Parents had from their travels all over the world.  Land and Sea.  She made it clear that just planes would not cut it.  And so an idea was born along with a color palette of deep Navy, soft Greys, Bluish-Greys, Burlap Browns and Ivory.

Still a total novice when it comes to floral design but it is a growing passion of mine. Wanted to keep the Nautical tones from the decor going in the flowers.  Lots of greenish and bluish-greys with Dusty Miller, Eucalyptus, and varieties of Baby’s Breathe helped make the main attractions like the Pale and Electric Blue Delphiniums, Sea Holly, and Chrysanthemums pop right out of the bouquets and arrangements.  Must say that Delphiniums are amazing.  Love their length and the way the blooms dangle like little bells.  Yes, it reminds me of fairies and that is always going to make me smile and want more.  I knew I wanted to go with succulents because many of them have a greyish tone to their green and would complete the centerpieces I wanted to lay out.  My lady at the Farmer’s Market did not disappoint, just a few days before the event, she had the perfect variety of inexpensive petite succulents.  Because the shower was a spinoff of a “Tea Party” some of the succulents would end up in teacups, but I also had some mugs that I rescued from our trashcan.  Originally they were a rather strong cranberry color, and we being the hoarders that we are, needed to downsize the mug collection to make room for new ones and so these ones got the boot.  Instead of trashing them though I gave them a fresh coat of grey and popped the succulents right in.  Voila!  DIY makeover and a resurrected mug saves the day!

Some of our handmade creations started months ago.  Cutting and folding a million paper airplanes in all different sizes was something easy to do while watching a romantic comedy.  The Vintage maps were something I worried about too.  I didn’t think I would find them or if I did it would cost a fortune.  Just when I started to worry I stumbled (literally almost tripped over) on a bag FULL of old maps from all over California and some of the Northwest.  It was meant to be.  I have maps for days and so paper airplanes soon became garlands by gluing them in lines on twine and they also guest-stared in the flowers by attaching them to grey wooden sticks and inserting them in the vases.  Another project was the paper airplane mobile.  I took an old lampshade and ripped it apart to get to the bone structure of the shade.  From there I wrapped a navy and white jersey fabric over the entire structure.  Tied on different sized airplanes to hang all over the shade so that overall it was about 4 feet long.  This just might make its way into a nursery in the near future…  Perhaps all the airplanes were a little bit overboard but they were just so darn cute!

Maps also turned into paper flowers.  Oh paper flowers… I know I can do better but you have to start somewhere.  I am convinced that Vintage fabric and paper will make the ultimate paper flower with a Vintage twist but I have to sit still long enough to make that dream a reality.  Maybe next weekend?!?!

Hand painted signs also popped up on different tables.  Took some leftover wooden slabs and painted them our token grey color and used white chalkboard paint to outline and painted over with white paint to make an “Iced Tea” and “Sweets” sign.  Each had a symbol that carried on our theme of travel– anchor and paper airplane.  My favorite was the Vintage suitcase full of cute little bags of tea that each guest got to take home as a party favor.  That sign read “Baggage Claim…your favor!”

Last major creation was an old salvaged windowpane that I wanted to paint a quote on for the Mom-to-be.  With such sappy and lacking quotes out there it took me days to find one I actually liked.  Decided to mix up some funky typography and adorned the quote with some whimsical flower drawings.  It looked like it was missing something so soon the Vintage map paper flowers found there way on the corners and scattered across the windowpane.  Mom-to-be ended up loving the windowpane that she took it to put up in the nursery!  Handmade gifts are always the best 🙂  Doesn’t always work out but when it does it is that much more rewarding.

The decor details themselves were a true labor of love.   Hunted down the Antique and Vintage finds by scouring all of Southern California for them, and trust me, it isn’t easy.  You have to dig and really look closely to find the mini brass whale, brass anchors, old school globes, ropes, wooden ships, etc.  One thing that came from all the Nautical searches though was a new found appreciation, love, and maybe small obsession for all things Vintage Nautical… Yes, I am addicted.  Now I always stop to pick up an anchor and feel for the weight.  I always have to climb up in the shelves to check the price on a globe and I have a wishlist of different Vintage maps I would kill for.  I don’t think it is ever going to go away.  I have embraced it.

This baby shower was such a fun time.  Literally a perfect day.  Not only was it for a friend I have known many, many years, but it was also an adventure for me.  Started planning and gathering things for it months before and along the way I met some amazing dealers, shop owners, and found some new hidden spots to shop.  This shower made me think about Vintage Rentals, floral design, and even event design.  Still unsure of where exactly we are heading but feeling like there are doors open and opportunities in front of me!

Hope you enjoy the pics!!
Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13

Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13Baby Shower Decor 5/18/13photo 2 1


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