28 Jan 2013

What is Layered Vintage?

Good question.

This really came about from me believing that I have “a good eye” for unique finds.  I enjoy sifting through the piles of old and unknown to discover something perfect that I never knew I always needed.  Vintage is easy to me.  It really means “not new.”  I don’t get caught up in the true definition and distinguishing the Vintage from the Antique and all that silliness.  To me, I like how Vintage sounds and I like that it is open to interpretation and other point of views.  So you take something Vintage and you add the Layer.  The Layer is the re-purposing or refurbishing, it might be something like a layer of paint, or even just creating a new use for the object, like finding it a new home and dressing it up with books or flowers.  It’s the flair or the love that I add to something that was once just old.  Everything Vintage is a canvass waiting to be dressed up with a Layer.  From there we have endless possibilities to the uncovered Vintage finds… what was once a hobby and way to spice up my home has now become a way to gift to friends and family, bring life to parties and events, and something that I wanted to share.

I am blessed with a talented husband that knows his way around photography, film, graphics and web design so with that in your back pocket how could you not be compelled to bring an idea to life…it’s all right there wrapped up in a pretty bow!  All fabulous ideas never breathe life for one reason or another and I believe a lot of it has to do with believe and time.  It’s hard to convince yourself if you are struggling with believing in yourself how could you believe in an idea you created?  And no one has time these days to do anything.  I don’t want to do this so I can abandon my jobs and someday aspire to make millions.  Time will always be holding the other end of the rope that I fight with everyday and everyday it will be unrelenting and stubborn, but I will fight time for this because I love it and I want it bad enough.

So in a long winded and rambling sort of way, that is what Layered Vintage is and that is how it came to be.  I love that I feel like I have more purpose today than I did the day before.  This blog is comforting and this idea allows my creative side to awaken from years of deep sleep.  I now see inspiration and ideas in everything I encounter and am excited to share my finds!!!


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