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The sole purpose of our flowers is
to elevate the personality of your event.


We take everything we know about our Bride and her vision and pour it all into our bouquets, which really should sum up the overall wedding.


We love to rotate different designs and add unique, unexpected touches to each table for the guests to marvel over and remember long after.


We bring all the creative fun from our weddings and translate that into our design for business events.


There will never be a space we can't install on. These are why we do what we do and it is the challenge of the logistics and mechanics that make each one so beautiful.

Our Process

Building beauty

We firmly believe that floral design is a multifaceted collaborative process. It starts with our wholesalers we source product from. We collaborate with other vendors for inspiration and to ensure we are cohesive with our designs. We then collaborate with you, the client, making sure we’ve heard your vision.

Fresh ideas & seasonal designs

Ever since our inception, we have made a name for ourselves through lavish and copious use of color, texture, and distinctive vision that is known for creating opulent, and dramatic floral displays. When it comes to transforming weddings, parties or events, we have become a discerning brand that seeks a unique and creative approach to every event design that comes our way.

Jills Layers

From the start

Layered Vintage is Jill, but its petals stretch out amongst a landscape of talented photographers, designers, coordinators, caterers, and all those in-between and on her team. Jill always says, “flowers found me.” It wasn’t a quick or direct journey, but one woven over a series of different life events and quite a bit of time. Once discovered though, flowers consumed her life. She dreamt of them, saw designs while exploring her own backyard in the country and was inspired everywhere she went. The proof is in her posts. Follow her on Instagram.

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