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These are some unprecedented and somewhat crazy times, but on the brightside, we have more time than ever to work on things from our bucket list, right?! We want to take this forced downtime and bring you virtual 1:1’s, where we deliver a spread of seasonal local ingredients (support our local growers) to your door and then together we design whatever you’d like to work on in a virtual class the following day. For now, we are offering these session with flower deliveries to San Diego residents. If you live outside of San Diego and would like to sign up and join us with your own flowers please reach out!
Truth be told, my favorite learning environments are when it’s just you and me. No one to impress or worry about next to you and we can relax a bit and be conversational.

One session currently available

Flowering 2.0 - $450
This session is for those with some basic knowledge and “how to” of floral design. This does not have to be your full time career but something you love and want to invest time in. We will take what you know and expand! This session will be catered to YOU specifically.

* A spread of fresh seasonal flowers delivered to your door (we will collaborate on a palette together)
* Customized curriculum (please choose 2 topics from the design options below)
*We will provide the necessary tools (will depend on the design type selected)
* Dedicated session for 2 hours
*Business Talk Power Hour scheduled for the following week (if you do not have a floral design business we can use this time to go over any questions you still have and review technique if you've made any other designs during the interim)
*Goodie bag gift with some of our favorite things

Design choices - Centerpieces, Statement Pieces, Bouquets, Smaller Personals (Bouts, Corsages, Crowns). Unfortunately at this time, large-scale installations are not an option, but once things clear with COVID we would love to offer our installation classes again for you! Everything will be recorded for you to keep and reference back to as needed.

*Dried floral options are available as well. Let us know on the form below if you are interested in adding dried florals to your session.